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    Examination / Diagnosis / Radiographs

    Full examination, treatment plan £45.00

    Study models£30.00

    Written report£15.00

    Small x-rays (each)£5.00

    Oral hygiene and Gum Treatment

    Scale + polish£35.00

    Hygiene session£59.00

    Hygiene session + AIR-FLOW® £83.00

    Periodontal treatment (non-surgical, per quadrant)£100.00

    Periodontal treatment (surgical, per quadrant)£240.00



    Implantsfrom £1300.00

    Implant retained crowns and bridgesfrom £800.00 per unit

    Please note: the number of units means the number of restorations to replace missing teeth

    Implants retained dentures– Removable
    – Fixed
    from £4500.00
    from £5000.00

    Bone Graft– Synthetic
    – Xenograft (derived from Animals)
    – Collagen Membrane
    – Titanium reinforced Membrane
    from £200.00
    from £400.00
    from free to £150.00
    £150.00 – £250.00

    Temporary restorationsfrom £300.00

    The implant prices are a guide, your Implant Dentist will tailor the treatment and fees to your specific requirements after a free consultation.

    Facial Aesthetics

    Consultation (30 mins)£50.00 (redeemable against treatment)

    Botox – 1 area£175.00

    Botox – 2 area£275.00

    Botox – 3 area£350.00

    Chemical brow lift£275.00

    Masseter Botox (clenching/to soften jaw)from £350.00

    Nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty)from £450.00

    Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)from £400.00

    Nasolabial foldsfrom £350.00

    Marionette linesfrom £350.00

    Cheeksfrom £350.00

    Jaw line sculptingfrom £350.00

    Lipsfrom £300.00


    Amalgam fillings£65.00 – £80.00

    White (composite) fillings, front teeth£85.00 – £120.00

    White fillings, back teeth£85.00 – £180.00

    Root canal treatment

    Anterior (front)£185.00

    Premolar (middle)£265.00

    Molar (back)£380.00

    (fee for root canal treatment is in addition to fillings and x-rays)


    Simple extraction£65.00 – £150.00

    Surgical extraction£150.00 – £380.00

    After care£20.00

    Apicectomy (front tooth)£225.00


    Gold inlay/onlay£280.00

    Cerna inlayfrom £340.00

    Full gold crown£360.00

    Three quarter gold crown£350.00

    Bonded porcelain crown£450.00

    Empress crown (metal free)£495.00 – £540.00

    Captek (porcelain with gold)£495.00 – £650.00

    Acrylic temporary crown made by laboratory£120.00

    Fibre/porcelain post and core£200.00

    Cast post and core£90.00

    Amalgam core£50.00

    Adhesive resin core£85.00

    Riva silver core£60.00

    Bridge work

    Bonded porcelain (conventional) per unit£360.00

    Adhesive bridges (Maryland) per tooth replaced£500.00 – £800.00

    Zirconia bridge (anterior only) (metal free) per unit£510.00

    Please note: the number of units means the number of abutments and missing teeth


    Full dentures (acrylic)

    Full upper only£350.00

    Full lower only£360.00

    Full upper and lower£660.00

    Partial dentures (acrylic)

    Partial upper or lower£310.00-440.00

    Metal dentures (chrome cobalt)

    Skeleton design£510.00

    Plate design£450.00

    Upper and lower full denture with chrome palate£715.00

    FlexiDent (flexible dentures)

    Upper or lower£450.00 – £675.00

    Denture alterations

    Denture ease£30.00

    Addition (each)£100.00

    Denture reline£80.00

    Denture repair£60.00


    Invisalign and PerfectSmile available


    One Arch£2500.00

    One Arch£3000.00

    For dermal filler enhancement with hydrating hyaluronic acid:

    Wrinkle softeningfrom £300.00

    Lip Enhancementfrom £300.00

    Scar Reductionfrom £300.00

    Exact cost to be discussed at your private consultation and relates to the type of hyaluronic acid fillers and volume to be added.

    Cosmetic Treatments

    Internal bleaching (per tooth)£150.00

    Home Bleaching (upper and lower)£300.00

    In Surgery Bleaching (upper and lower)£500.00

    IPS Empress Veneer£510.00 – £750.00 each

    Emergency Treatment

    Emergency call out£190.00

    Recement inlay or crown£40.00

    Recement bridge£60.00

    Temporary filling£30.00

    Extirpate pulp and temporary filling£100.00 – £180.00

    Prescription only£15.00

    Temporary crown construction as an emergency£185.00


    Hybrid biteguard (splint)£240.00

    Essix retainer£220.00

    Sportguard (with design)£250.00

    June 2016

    Please note prices are of a guideline and are at the discretion of the dentist.


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